Diana Shurygina could prevent the release of Sergei Semenov – 24???

The star of the talk show “Let them talk” Diana Shurygina could prevent the release of Sergei Semenov, accused of raping her. This could happen if the girl knew the Russian legislation, reports the telegram channel Mash.

It is reported that the procedure for replacing the unserved part of punishment more lenient is carried out only with the consent of the victims. During the court proceedings Diana Shurygina and her lawyers said that the fate of Sergei Semenov they don’t care. As a result, the court did not inform Diana that Semenov may soon be released.

Diana Shurygina and Sergey Semenov

The young man was released from prison on 10 January on PAROLE (parole). In an interview to the press, the girl said that Semenov has spent “too little” and she considers the decision unfair.

Earlier the lawyer Oksana mikhalkina told the Russian legislation. According to the lawyer, in Russia there is an amendment to the law on consent request for PAROLE from the victim.