Diana Shurygina admitted, how many children wants to have from a future husband

The infamous girl from Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina after participation in the program “actually” admitted, how many would like to have children. The taxi driver who drove her home from the Studio, then realized who was next to him.


Shurygina 31 August carried a live broadcast on the social network Instagram. The girl answered the questions of the audience and watched the behavior of the haters. After twice raped Diana revealed the truth through connection to the lie detector, defenders Sergei Semenov called the transfer “actually” posed. She Shurygina live admitted that he was very nervous on the set.

Answering the questions of followers, she admitted that she does not want to give birth more than one child. At the same time, she doesn’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, but to continue to race the raped girl is going, and dad believes her future husband, which is the operator “First channel”. Despite the fact that they meet the six months, the couple whose age difference of 10 years, soon to be married. Sister of Sergey Semenova Ekaterina believes that this marriage will not last long, and will continue the same “show” as participation in “Let them talk”.