Details became known of the death of ex-soloist of “band’eros” Zmievskoy – 24???

The Network continues to actively discuss the death of ex-soloist of group “band’eros” Happy Zmanovskiy. Many fans of the singer believe that for a long time, the woman struggled with a serious illness, reports Woman’s Day.

It is known that the popular singer died from a brain hemorrhage. Close Happy denied press reports that the singer struggled with a deadly disease. Friends of the star say that she has always led an active life, was successful at work, did not complain of health.

Glad Zmanovskaya

Recall that the first reports of the death of Happy Zmanovskiy appeared on September 14. Soon representatives of the band confirmed this information, saying that the actress was taken to a California hospital, where doctors stated the death of Russian pop stars.

In the group “band’eros” Happy Zmanovskaya played until 2007.