Details became known attacks on Olga Buzova in the Emirates. Video

It turned out that in Dubai at Olga directly during his speech, was attacked by a crazed fan. So, the footage, which was obtained using a mobile phone, is seen as a man climbed on the stage and tried to take the microphone from the stars of the TV project “House 2”, the website life-dom2.su.

By the way, the brawler has failed to bring to an end conceived as the guards immediately rushed to the scene and sent away the brawler. However, Olga herself had been frightened and, though he continued his speech, all the while squinting in the scene where escaped the guards and the assailant.

“Well done Buzova, even in such a situation, has not ceased to open your mouth under the plywood! People would again see that they are being deceived that His ONLY sings under the plywood!” – he wrote to fans of “House 2”.