Despite the hellish pain Darya Pynzar no regrets about the plastic

Daria Pynzar has shared with fans impressions previously made a plastic surgery. Despite the unbearable pain girl absolutely no regrets about it.

Ex-member of the famous TV project “House-2” Daria Pynzar never hid what lay under the knife of plastic surgeons. Five years ago she decided on a breast augmentation, despite the fact that her husband was categorically against it. Daria explained what was experiencing terrible pain after the surgery.

“Hell the pain started on the fourth day. I stopped taking painkillers and on the way home, it seems, felt every bump. I’m not a whiner, but he bit his tongue not to moan. There was a feeling that I was literally skinned. Also any girl who decided on surgery, you must understand: after her followed by a week and a half of rehabilitation. I could only lie down and even sit down I hurt like hell” – says Pynzar.

Despite all these torment, Daria did not regret about the plastic.