Denis Kovalev called pros and cons of voting


Post about the vote. Early in the project as it was, on Thursday the participants of telestroke were chosen on the basis of gender in order to “go outside the gate” (ie, home). The next day came the fresh blood and the day has been proven to eat a free sausage, the evening was one of the two newcomers. Recently that all changed. Day X today is Saturday: pass 2 of voting and the coming of the newcomers. ?? ?

What is two votes? The first among those who for more than a month flashes on the screen. Of the two people who scored the highest number of votes of the audience in application TNT-Club, participants choose one who will continue to build love. Second ballot – among the newcomers: two came a week earlier on the project (now the youngsters are given 7 days to prove himself), there is one. The pros? Personally, I don’t see them. Cons? It is impossible to conspire to kick someone displeasing to you… the Conclusion: adapt to the circumstances.
[Author: David Kovalev]