Denis Kovalev answered questions from subscribers

Let’s just so. I will answer all in one fell swoop (I hope this post also gets into domovskou info-tape).

Spectator: “why are you back?”

Denis: “Well, fuck me in Moscow to do? Returned and returned, and when I left, didn’t say food”.

Spectator: “A th “House 2″ left?”

Denis: “Well, it’s all a question of the level of “fuck”. You are there to stay, and then like Hu*Tu ask. And… you there now? Well, then that’s another story…”

Audience: “And do you?”

Denis: “I am neha*vy (or is written separately?) journalist, I have many ideas that I want to implement. Yes, I am in search of work. There are what? Write, I will be happy to cooperate”.

Spectator: “the Bubble a lot of money?”

Dennis: “no matter How much is earned, it is already over, so either offer, or I will get angry and continue to advertise any hell stories”.