Denis Baysarov: hypnotherapy cannot be called a grandmother – 24???

Deni Baisarov, son of singer Christina Orbakajte and businessman Ruslan Baysarov, has given an interview to the press. The young man said, that does not mention Alla Pugacheva grandmother, informs a portal “Days.ru”.

As Denis says, the legendary singer Alla Pugacheva, who is his grandmother who he calls “Alla or Elusa”. Denis has told that Alla Borisovna gave him many useful advice that was useful in life, because, according to the young man, she’s beautiful and intelligent woman being an example for him.

Denis Baysarov and Alla Pugacheva

As told Denis, in five years came to him clear understanding that he is surrounded by special people who have become idols of millions.

“Every time you come to Moscow, we’re going with the whole family. Alla, I always connected,” said Denis.

Grandson of Alla Pugacheva added that it is not always possible to phone with the legend of Soviet and Russian pop, but they are constantly overwritten.