Demi Moore wants to become a Scientologist

Move Over, Tom Cruise. For many years the star of the films “Mission: impossible” is one of the most famous and influential Scientologists, but now everything can change. Until Leah remini produces a documentary program about the dangers of this sect and urging people to get out of there, her colleague demi Moore voluntarily ready to join the ranks of Scientologists.

Life cast of the actress, her divorce from Bruce Willis, the life of a single mother with three daughters, in love with a young Ashton Kutcher, his betrayal, nervous breakdown, young lovers, Godea her sons.. Now, when everything seemed to be improved, Moore continues to look calm. To some it may seem strange, but in the walls of the Church demi feels more peaceful.
“Her mother was a Scientologist, and demi walked in with her sermon, but when she started the affair with Bruce, she was forbidden to go to Church” — said the source.
After Moore started Dating Sean Friday, a son of one of the leaders of the sect, the interest demi to the organization re-emerged. Now in collaboration to the benefit of all – Scientology is beneficial to a star of such magnitude had joined him.
“She knows that her support will be very valuable to Scientologists. While it only runs a cautious talks but demi is seriously set to get out there and succeed,” — said the insider.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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