Decorations and costumes for Halloween with their hands

Halloween is a mystical character and is distinguished by its originality, especially in the choice of costumes and attributes of the holiday. The original image will help you to impress your loved ones and with eye-catching decorations you can create in your home atmosphere of the festival.

Approaching Halloween, many associated with chilling atmosphere and unusual costumes, some of which are so frightening that at times can shock others. Mystical carnival is held annually on 31 October and in recent years has gained popularity in many countries. People who are not first time celebrate this holiday, know that an integral part of such extraordinary events are the various costumes and home decorations. Of course, with such an abundance of options it is difficult to determine with a festive image and thematic attributes, but the experts site dailyhoro.ru will help you create a holiday atmosphere in your home, a simple and original outfit you can make with your own hands.

Decorating for Halloween with their hands

If this day you are invited to your friends house and loved ones, it is advisable to make them not only tasty treats, but the festive atmosphere, and to create it will not be difficult. Simple and original decorations home will help you pleasantly surprise your guests, and this event will long remain in their memory.

Jack. For anybody not a secret that pumpkin is the symbol of the holiday. The history of this unusual decoration has become a legend, which belongs to the Irish. It is said that once upon a time there lived an old farmer named Jack. During his life he twice was able to deceive the devil, who even refused to take him after death, and only threw Jack an ember from hell. The soul of a farmer for a long time roamed the earth and the coal it stuck inside a pumpkin and thus by night covered the road. Despite the fact that it’s just fiction, pumpkin is still the main symbol of Halloween.

If you want to decorate your home this lamp, you’ll need a small solid pumpkin. It is necessary to clean the inside from the seeds and fibers. After that you can begin to cut out faces. To do this, first draw it with marker on the pumpkin, it is desirable that it was frightening, so you have to make the effort. When your work is completed, remove the remaining marker. Leave the fruit to dry — it will take approximately 12 hours. After that you can put inside the pumpkin candle and light it. If you make such a decoration for the first time, then you may have some difficulties. However, the people who did it repeatedly, I assure that every time this job will be easier.

Shadows of ghosts. Halloween is a mystical holiday, and theme attributes need to scare your loved ones. People who believe in ghosts, afraid of such “guests” in your home, and similar decoration can even shock those who choose this day to visit your home.

To create the shadow of the Ghost, you’ll need black paper, glue, scissors, a white pencil or chalk. You need to draw the profile head of a man or woman. Do not worry that you are not a born artist: it is possible that some negligence will even help to give your decoration a frightening sight. Thereafter, the resulting figures should be cut and pasted them on the walls or on the steps if they are in your home.

Traces. On Halloween you can decorate not only your walls but even the floors. And original decoration will become a regular human footprints.

You will also need glue, black paper and white pencil to draw the imprints of the feet. However you can find on the Internet ready designs and print them out. Ready jewelry place on the floor and be ready that such decoration will impress your guests.

Cast. One of the simplest and scary decorations is a Ghost. Make it possible for a couple of minutes, but the results and emotions of loved ones will surprise you.

The first method is considered to be one of the easiest. You’ll need plain white paper napkin that you put the walnuts, creating a head for your Ghost. Attach the resulting string, and draw with a marker eyes and mouth. You can hang the ornament on a chandelier or just to place on the table.

The second method takes a bit more time, but your jewelry will look as good as a real spook. Take graph paper and a pencil gently draw a Ghost. Then, slowly, cut out and don’t forget the same as in the first case, to draw his face. Can use Scotch tape to stick it on the wall or on the door. For greater effect it is desirable to make several ghosts.

Costumes for Halloween with their hands

If you celebrate this holiday, then, of course, you are thinking in advance about your birthday suit. For a few weeks before the holiday, many stores offer a variety of options intimidating, but the original outfits. However, to ensure that your Halloween costume was really unique, it is advisable to create the elements yourself. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru offer you some ideas of costumes you can easily make your own hands.

Skeleton. Such attribute is one of the main on Halloween, but use it not only as decoration, but also in creating spectacular costume.

You will need a dark thing: this can be a t-shirt, girls can choose a black dress. Also prepare in advance a pair of scissors, dye fabric, white cardboard and sponge. To start, you need to draw the skeleton on the cardboard — this will be your stencil. Then carefully cut it out. Between the front and rear part of your costume, put the oilcloth, so the paint does not leave unwanted spots on the back. Attach the prepared stencil to the front of your outfit and ink hole pattern. This simple costume will please not only you but also the people around them.

Doll. Probably every girl in her childhood has played with dolls, but it turns out that growing up, you yourself can attach itself to the sight of a favorite toy of childhood.

To make a costume, you will need yarn of any color you like, thread, felt strips, scallops. Cut the yarn into two equal parts, and then put them together, defining between them the middle. Take the felt strip and start to sew the yarn, forming, thus, a wig, and then get rid of the extra threads. Cut the yarn into segments to make the bangs, carefully sew them onto the middle of the wig. After this divide it into two parts, making two tails and secure them with rubber bands. Pick your hair bright dress or a full skirt and a colored blouse. With this way you will look unusual and sure to attract attention.

The costumes of the bride and groom. If you and your partner want to create a vivid image, but also be in harmony with each other, the costumes of the bride and groom with some bright elements will help you look unusual in this day.

Of course, conventional wedding dress should come as no surprise surrounding this day, so you have a bit of spice to it. For this you can use a blue or black watercolor paint for fabric spray. Put a dress on a table or on the floor and be sure to put it under the oilcloth. Then put on your outfit the paint. For greater effect, could tear the bottom of your suit. If you want to make a Bridal veil, you can use this old tulle, as well coloring it, and then attaching it to the hair using Bobby pins. This will suit a bright makeup.

To give an extraordinary look to the costume of the groom is much easier than to do so with the bridesmaid’s dress. You can use the regular white and red chalk. Places to decorate your holiday finery. With the help of white chalk you can draw a web on the back. Despite the simplicity of the action, don’t doubt that your way will surprise others.

Many of us wait for holidays, because these days you can have a good time with loved ones and get positive emotions. But do not forget about the important customs and traditions that must be followed. Despite the fact that Halloween is mostly for entertainment purposes and most people don’t take him seriously, there are many customs which is important to know to avoid trouble. We wish you happiness,