Decided on some winners of the “Love year”

So, a few days ago there appeared information that the victory in the contest went to a couple of Nikita Kuznetsov and Darina Markina. Soon young people will be able to obtain apartments from their own homes and will have the opportunity to move into a new apartment, but in parallel, it decided another couple of winners, the website life-dom2.su.

It turned out that according to the website “House 2” the most worthy winners of the competition are Efremenkova Yulia and Sergey Kucherov. And although the apartment the couple does not Shine, they still put a small cash prize and a trip to the hotel. By the way, many years that vote on the website was considered accurate and reflect the true opinion of the fans, so in a couple of Julia and Sergey believe it is much more than the Union of Nikita and Darina.

“What’s apartment, Nikita and returned. I will never believe that an apartment will write to Darin. Bounty special for Nikita never saw”, “I don’t think it’s right that the apartment should be decorated on Darenko. For any such services. Would for Kuznetsova, but not for her. They are together today, and tomorrow run away, and Kuznetsov will stay again in the s**nice” – said the audience “House 2”.