Death Vera Glagoleva, the latest news today: why he died a famous actress

Fans of the famous actress Vera Glagoleva still can’t accept the fact that their pet is no more. The death of the actress was a complete surprise not only for admirers of her talent, but also for close friends and colleagues who speak about Glagoleva in exclusively positive terms.

Recently Glagoleva, which is very revealing, many appear in public. It is absolutely not demonstrated to others, that for several months, struggling with a deadly disease – cancer of the stomach. For this reason, her death was absolutely unexpected for the fans.

It is noteworthy that the official version questioned. Experts believe, from cancer so quickly die, and, most likely, the actress has gone to the other world for another reason.

Colleagues and friends of Vera Glagoleva believe that she died not from cancer, but for a different reason. More TGO de this is the opinion of the spouse of the deceased Kirill shubsky. He believes that physicians need to establish what exactly has died his beloved wife.

According to them, the man who in June cheerfully danced at the wedding of his youngest daughter Anastasia Subsky and Alexander Ovechkin did not suddenly die. Moreover, a few hours before death, Faith was talking to friends – and nothing foretold troubles.

In turn, the experts also believe that cancer doesn’t kill this fast, and, most likely, the actress has gone to the other world for another reason. Sudden death may result from General exhaustion and overload at work.

Subsky himself said that being the Director Vera Glagoleva has always worked hard. Soon she had to finish shooting his film and therefore worked for 12 hours. According to colleagues, the Faith was full of creative plans, going to visit a few film festivals abroad, was planning to write a new fairy tale scenario, as reported by actress Irina Zybina.

It also became known that on August 16 Glagoleva arrived with husband and daughter to a clinic in Baden-Baden for consultation with local experts. However, on Friday, August 18, the coffin with Vera Glagoleva was taken by plane to Moscow. Saturday, August 19, at the House of cinema it was goodbye. After the funeral, at the troyekurovskoye cemetery held the funeral of the actress.