Days power in 2018

Days forces known since ancient times. Our ancestors used them for different rituals to attract prosperity and freedom from negativity.

In each month there are special days filled with powerful energy. Often days of power have for the holidays. During each energy burst you will be able not only to achieve success in business and personal life, but also to protect themselves from negative energy.


January 1: first day of the new year, our ancestors used to rid the house from evil spirits. Will acurite your home with the help of juniper twigs. It will free you from disease and other ailments. 1 can read the future and know what lies ahead for you.

6 and 7 January: Christmas eve and Christmas are considered special days. In this time of prayer will help you to clear away the negativity, sins and start life with a clean slate. Spend this time with your family, to your bond grew stronger day by day.

January 9: on this day, attention is paid to animals, especially domestic cattle. Housewives watered them with Holy water with silver to ward off illness and to increase the offspring.

January 18: during Epiphany eve can perform the ceremony, which will rid the house from negative energy. Protective rituals will help to get rid of envy.

January 19: during the Baptism take care of your health, pray to rid of bad thoughts. Water on this day is to sprinkle your property, make it safe. Also Holy water on this day fed sick people, so they quickly went on the amendment.

January 29: this day you will be able to change your life for the better. Our ancestors on the 29th of performed rituals, which helped to happiness and well-being.

January 31: according to legends, at this time, the evil freely “walking”. It is a mystical day when we can tell fortunes for the future. In these perilous times, it is easy to “catch” the evil eye.


February 1: on this day, observe the weather. The entire month it should be the same as today. If the first day of the storm, our ancestors were at home to spend time with family, strengthen relationships and avoid negativity.

February 5: the day of the Moraine. At this time work perfectly magical rituals, especially to attract a life of love and prosperity.

Feb 10: day house. Appease your home owner that he has ceased to kink and mischief. Treat it with fresh porridge with oil in a nice platter, put it in a secret place few sweets without wrappers.

February 15: during the presentation ceremonies held protection from negativity, celebrating the meeting of winter and spring. Water was considered curative, so it is gathered from open sources.

February 20: on this day attract a good harvest. Housewives bake cakes and pies with onion. Believed to be eaten on this day, garlic and onions contribute to the collection of great vintage.

Feb 24: day health. Bring a twig from a spring or from another place of power to your house was no place of sorrow and poverty. Our ancestors gently hit the branch livestock to protect them from disease and theft.


March 1: first day of spring was welcomed with a candle. It carried to all quarters of the house, and then used St. John’s wort and juniper to fumigate the home. A good day for divination betrothed and the future. 1 numbers possible to enlist the support of his Kind to avoid life’s difficulties and troubles.

March 2: energetically powerful day can be used to attract material prosperity. At this time the bring success rituals for attracting money. Fortune awaits those who search for a new job, signed contracts and claim for a better paying job.

March 6: from this day spend outdoors as much time as possible. So you restore your energy and immunity and will also attract in life well-being.

March 17: on this day we should do a ritual cleansing of premises. Throw away without regret all the accumulated rubbish to the spring energy updates included in your home.

March 20: spring equinox. The heavens are open for any requests. Spend a ritual that will help you to find your love, pray to the Higher powers about finding well-being.

March 24: on this day you can carry out any rituals to help attract money. A great day for deals and purchases, especially real estate acquisition, and also to start their own business.


April 7: on this day, the Orthodox world celebrates the Annunciation. At this time the Heavens are open to any prayers and requests, and energy in space contributes to the purification and to attract prosperity.

April 15: Red Hill. The perfect time for love, marriage, divination of the future and involvement in the life of well-being. Spend the day with a positive, that no trouble does not hurt you.

22-23 April: in these days a particularly strong surge of energy in the Universe contributes to the rites. Use this time to white love magic. If you have not yet chosen one, then from 22 to 23 the number you will be able to open up to true love.

April 30: the day when our ancestors visited places of power. At this time you will be able to solve the most difficult issues to get rid of the traitors and jealous people, to justify himself in the eyes of others.


May 1: the night of the first day is called Walpurgis. According to ancient legends, this day begins the time of witches and wizards. Use this day to gather healing herbs, rituals of purification and confront the negative. If you cope with your emotions, you will be able to fulfill his wish.

May 3: on this day visit the cemetery to pay tribute to deceased relatives. You will be able to ask advice from loved ones who have left the world of the living, and get answers to many questions. Dreams this day is prophetic.

May 6: this day is a storm wash with rain water. To have in your home to be prosperous, bring water from an open body of water and toss it in precious metal.

May 8: our ancestors considered this day the most powerful in may. During this time, you can perform any ritual that will bring your family happiness and prosperity.

May 9: day of national joy and victory over Evil. To create energy security for your family, take a rowboat out under the open sky and light the fire. Throw the little notes that you wish to get rid of.

May 14: on this day, our ancestors took care of their finances — no one lend, did not trade and did not buy anything. Thus they provided a stable welfare of his family.

15 and may 22: the days of money. At this time it will be a good trade, and love magic. Spend time with your chosen one to strengthen the bond.


June 7: this day was preparing medicinal teas and drugs. Before the evening dawn was carried to the street, to Rosa gave them true power.

June 9: on this day, don’t do the cleaning, so as not to bring trouble to your home.

June 16: spring water is energetically powerful day is gaining strength, which will allow to get rid of the evil eye, damage and disease.

25 June: the Solstice. One who works honestly, can wait for rewards. Cheaters need to fear the retribution of the Universe. The perfect time for responsible initiatives, and business expansion.

June 29: day herbs. At this time is to prepare medicinal herbs for future use.


July 6: time blank brooms for a bath. It is believed that on this day the grass and trees possess the power to heal any ailment. Cajole Bannikov, so they followed the steam and temperature in pairs. If this is not done, it can easily be “burned out” or burned.

July 7: Ivan Kupala. Night love rituals, look up the color of a fern.

July 12: gathering herbs for a love spell. On this day the forces of love magic is especially strong. Don’t try to charm married or engaged, or in love not taking another 7 years.

July 29: tight sheaves brought home, help to cope with failures and diseases. Mature grain to feed the livestock. This time is devoted to family and the restoration of relations with distant relatives.


August 2: Perun-gromovik, or Elijah the prophet. You can’t swim, and sin. Spend time by the outdoor fire source to get rid of the failures in life. Orthodox in this day pray Elijah the prophet.

14 Aug: Honey Spas. Day helps to cope with the internal contradictions, to get rid of bad habits and to cleanse my soul of negativity.

19 August Savior of the Apple feast. The autumn meeting. Apples poured the power to help cope with any ailments.

August 28: assumption. A day of rest from our ancestors. Time for recuperation, and conspiracy on the well-being and prosperity.

August 29: the Savior of the Nut feast. The time of the first harvest of nuts, the purification of accumulated negative, worship a Higher power.


11 Sep: Cornelius, truncation of the head of John the Baptist. During strict fasting eat the roots, which possess exceptional strength.

September 14: day of the outcome. You will be able to evaluate the results of their work and to plan for the future. Planning new businesses will be successful. Do not succumb to provocations, not to be in the adventure.

September 22: the autumnal equinox. Farewell to summer and the rites to the health and wellbeing of offspring. Our ancestors poured their children with water on the threshold to deliver them from damage, strengthen the immune system.

23 September: the time of collection of medicinal plants to maintain health. A perfect day force for seeking medical help. A favorable outcome of surgical interventions.

September 27: the Shift. On this day there was a ban on visits to forests. It is believed that the forest animals preparing for winter hibernation. To prevent them is to court disaster for the whole year. Favorable time for prayer and the purification of the soul from the negative.


October 3: spend the rite of cleansing house from negativity, do the household chores. On this day, the strength of the repair will bring luck to the family.

October 14: holiday Cover, clean the house. The beginning of the wedding season and the end of any field work.

October 19: the cleansing of the home. On this day, said salt sprinkled on homework and corners in the house.


Nov 10: Paraskeva Pyatnitsa. In this special day the prayer on the strengthening of the family. Prohibited quarrels and conflicts, which can lead to discord.

November 21: Michaelmas, a time of prophetic dreams, which you can’t tell anyone. A bad dream was washed with flowing ice water. In the dream, unable to open the answers to long-plaguing questions.

27 November: the day you want to give treats brownie. He will guard the house in the depths of winter and will not allow negativity in your home.


4 December: on this day, women are forbidden to work. This day is designed to force the memory of ancestors, activation of ancestral protection and the prayers of childless couples about the appearance of the offspring.

December 19: Nikola Winter, the time for Grand festivals. Cook lavish meals, welcome guests to the house was a full bowl.

21 Dec: energetically powerful day. At this time intuition will help to avoid trouble, to open new ways for development and successfully complete all the cases.

Days power can get not only for the holidays, but at the time of lunar and solar eclipses. Stay tuned for a daily moon calendar to always be on top, to circumvent trouble side and move calmly towards the success and well-being.