Days of power in November 2017

Days of power in every month. In these days any person will be able to achieve well-being using the flow of positive energy.

Since ancient times people were interested in heavenly bodies, trying to unravel their secrets. Thanks to centuries of experience, we can enjoy days filled with streams of force. In such periods of time each person to change lives for the better, achieve success, attract love and prosperity.

5 Nov

Waning Moon in Taurus — time stability and achieving good results in business. The positive energy in the day to address issues with finances, to invest them for future growth, sign lucrative deals and contracts. Under the influence of the constellation in these days of easily solved issues with the authorities, will have the opportunity to be creative.

On Sunday, thanks to the positive energy of the moon will increase the chance to find your soulmate. Family people this day will be able to bond even more. This is an ideal day for marriages, making important joint decisions.

Also, this period for a good change for the better. You will be able to abandon bad habits, to start a course of exercise, to improve their health through diet and decoctions of medicinal herbs. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to start hormonal Tibetan exercises, which will keep your beauty and adds to your endurance.

7 Nov

Energy of the waning moon in Union with the constellation Gemini will allow you to be active. It is a favorable time for a quick and energetic classes that don’t require a lot of concentration and will not take a lot of effort. Astrologers recommend to complete current work and to plan for the future. In these days it is important not to succumb to provocations and not to listen to the advice of incompetent people.

In terms of personal relationships on Tuesday, a good tactic is to find compromise, care and active participation in family matters. Single people should not seek new friends, not to be deceived, however, if you have any employees, you can show interest in him, inviting him for a date or a walk.

In ancient times, November 7 was the day of ancestors. It was believed that at this time you can ask advice from their deceased relatives. For this you need to light a candle and to go with an urgent problem to the ancestors.

9 Nov

On this day, the Moon continues to wane and moves into the constellation Cancer. This is a good time to summarize the activities, the completion of important cases, monotonic and smooth work. Under the influence of Cancer we can safely go to the authorities to open judicial processes and to make planned purchases.

A positive attitude and extra boost will help to return to the relationship joy, so on Thursday, couples should spend time together maybe even travel to be alone with each other. 9 November is the perfect time to boost immunity. Fresh air, active exercise and decoctions of herbs can help increase the body’s resistance to infections.

10 Nov

The moon in Leo is a perfect time for summing up the activities and building plans for the future. This day is for the completion of the cases initiated during the waxing moon. The positive energy of the day will allow you to engage in organizational activities, all kinds of mass programs aimed at entertainment and leisure.

Our ancestors believed that on this day a surge of positive energy promotes involvement in the life of love. You can conduct rituals for attracting your life mate, to tell fortunes for the future or use one of the white spell to awaken the dormant feeling in your partner. The sky is open for any requests, and the believers may seek assistance to a Higher power.

19 Nov

The rise of the moon in Sagittarius gives an additional energy source to those involved in legal matters. Despite a certain passivity, a day under the influence of this constellation is good for responsible decision-making and new beginnings that will lead you to success.

The body accumulates power, so excessive activity should be avoided. However, with the proper allocation of time and effort you can achieve success in business, to start the implementation of previously conceived plans, to show yourself as an excellent specialist in your industry.

21 Nov

The growth of the moon is in the constellation of Capricorn. Tuesday will be good for starting new business relationships, closing deals and lengthy contracts. With a positive attitude it will be easier to start implementing the plans, get support from management. Also the number 21 is to avoid the negative effects people that take you out of balance. 12 Laws of the Universe will help you once and for all to end the relationship, do not carry you any good.

Increased vitality allows you to be active and in your personal life. Couples will be able to come to a decision about living together, decide to tie the knot of marriage. Lone astrologers recommend to go out, so as not to miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the second half.

21 November — Michaelmas. Our ancestors remembered their dreams were often prophetic, and given the opportunity to clarify the future to answer the questions. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend this day to use the energy of the moon to conduct rituals that bring profit and prosperity.

27 Nov

The moon rise continues, and the 27th it will move into the constellation Pisces. This time is suitable for active cases in the business environment, solutions to previously intractable questions. Also in these days we can safely look for a new position, to make travel and business trips.

On Monday, under the effect of the moon on acute intuition. Astrologers recommend to listen to the inner voice that tells you the right way to success. Our ancestors 27 Nov cajoled brownies, cooked them meals and asked for help in running the household. Also the hostess conducted a ritual cleansing of the house from negative energy.

To attract success into your life using the power of thought. A positive attitude and a desire to achieve certain results will give your brain a signal to action, and you will be able to overcome the fear of the unknown. The first step towards the realization of the dream is to coincide with the days of the force to get an additional source of energy from celestial bodies.