Day of the moon today, January 4, 2018

Lunar calendar is your trusty assistant for each day. The advice of the astrologers will help you know what will be coming lunar night, and to avoid problems and trouble.

To become happier, you need to always think about winning. It is important to learn how to tear down your fears and walls that are erected in front of us. Imagine the happy moments that they stay in your memory and turned into the right mindset. Don’t forget that the world around us is born from within our consciousness. So it was and always will be.

Moon phase: 4 Jan comes 17 lunar day. This means that the Moon is now decreasing. Day will be held under the auspices of the Lion. The Union will be surprisingly favorable, because it is the second day of the influence of the fire Sign. He lost some excess energy, which made havoc.

Magnetic storms 4 January: in the last two days the Sun was very quiet, therefore increase of magnetic activity on the Earth can not be afraid.

That will bring good luck for today:
strength of character;
the fun and joy, good spirits;
declarations of love;
That will scare the success of this day:
the negative mood.
Chores according to the lunar calendar

If you stay at home today, it is better to avoid loneliness. It can drive you into the negative, to suffer from various emotional afflictions or apathy. Negative mood and impulsivity will only exacerbate an already bad situation. You can lose not only a good mood, but also the location of your loved ones. Depressive mood right now, you need the least. Astrologers suggest to devote himself entirely to love and romance. Have fun, it is coming, Christmas, and holidays are not yet over. If you are working today, so much the better. Outside the house problems you are less likely.

What to wear in the 17th lunar day

Durability and strength adds a few colors. Blue color will give you the opportunity to quickly replenish physical strength. Emotional strength will make up for the yellow and the green will help to stabilize the overall well-being. Choose one of these colors, but do not combine them with each other, because they will neutralize themselves.

The choice of mascot of stones, jewelry and precious metals should fall on those who nourish the energy, not sell it. It could be gold, jewelry with sharp corners, tiger’s eye, Topaz or turquoise stone. You can choose any strategy, because any stone or metal-talisman can give you some advantages.

Affairs, finances and work today

The biggest ban imposed on astrologers adventure. Risk absolutely nothing today because to face the consequences of defeat you will for a long time. Not only all day, but a week, maybe even a month will go downhill. In your quest to become more successful and richer than you have no one to blame you can’t. You can blame greed. One should not strive to be alone today. Privacy will have an impact on your mood, while socializing can become for you a source of positive energy. The main thing that you yourself were mentally strong and were able to share the positive with others. This is very important in these days.

Love and relationships January 4

In love you will find success, but only if you’re motivated. To sit at home and wait for the sea weather just can’t. Romance, flirting and meeting new people — that’s what you’re necessary as air. If you have already started a family or you have a relationship, you should work on that. Than happier and more optimistic you are, the more you will stretch people. Of course you can pretend, but if the actor is good, it will serve you a great service, because the visibility of the positive will also be useful to create or strengthen the relationship.

If you are in the early stages of a relationship, the love confession will do you good. In this day to propose marriage to his lady. Girls and women can painless for a relationship to hint at a desire to get married.

Mood and health according to the lunar calendar

This day will demand more from you than to give. More precisely, this will make the Moon is in Leo. Just like nothing good happens until you pick yourself up and start moving towards the goals. Stop procrastinating.

Health everything will be in relative order. Astrologers mean that the moon no negative attacks will not, therefore, possible to engage in sports today, and work safely, for the benefit of General or personal Affairs. The main thing — not to slow down in the middle of the road.

Your life today is in your hands. All you need to do is stay strong. Of course, not everything can go according to plan, but nobody said that in the beginning of the year will be easy. The lion and the Moon will combine efforts in order to somehow help you, but don’t let it go. You will be able to get rid of the problems.