Day of the moon today is 9 Jan 2018

Lunar energy is very important for all of us. Every new day is unique in the lunar calendar, so it is important to consider the advice of astrologers, if you want to spend on 9 January with the maximum benefit for themselves and their families.

The power of your mind and subconscious is the basis of your luck. The more you imagine yourself at the pinnacle of success, the less you are dependent on the energy of the moon and her moods. Strong-willed people in front is you want to remember forever. Before you fall asleep, try to pass from your consciousness all the garbage that prevents you to develop and get the most out of life.

Moon phase: the Moon will be in Libra. 22 day of the moon is third quarter. The waning Moon is well combined Weights, so life will be harmonious.

Magnetic storms January 9: today, all will be calm. Magnetic activity is almost zero. Weather-sensitive people have nothing to fear.

That will bring good luck for today:
harmony in everything;
the performance of the obligations;
the acquisition of knowledge.
That will scare the luck in the 22 lunar day:
marking time;
excessive ambition;
selfishness, isolation;
Chores according to the lunar calendar

Astrologers say that everything should be in harmony. The Golden mean is an important moment in the construction of plans for the day. At home you can do whatever comes into your head. The main thing is not too much to delve into any one thing. The more you will have duties and plans for the day, the better. Houses can be without fear to do anything you want. These can be things of first importance and secondary care. Don’t be afraid to take on everything. The main thing that you all were able to complete today.

What to wear 9 Jan

On this day, the astrologers suggest to wear something that will not interfere with your productivity. The choice of color will depend on the kind of goal you put yourself. It is better to be universal, choosing a mixture of black and blue or red. Creative individuals are more suitable orange or yellow. If your business promises to be difficult emotionally, green helps to restore power.

Finance, business and work according to the lunar calendar

Don’t be greedy today. Success will need to share. Express gratitude even to those who almost did not participate in achieving common goals. Do not hurt people’s selfishness and belittling their work. You will certainly in the future will want to take revenge on those who take it especially to heart. If you will be difficult to make a decision, or defer the moment of choice, either take the plunge. Don’t waste a lot of time on that today, not exactly solved. Libra will not allow you to come up with a cunning plan to bypass obstacles.

Learn to leave on time from the dead point not to force myself to lose. This will require courage and wisdom. New knowledge is better to not by trial and error, and by studying other people’s mistakes. Life experience is very important for everyone, but do not have to experiment on your life.

Love and relationships today

Transfer relations to a new level today just the necessary. If you don’t know how to do it, and not stir up a hornet’s nest. You need to try to end a relationship that has outlived its usefulness. Courage in this regard will be most welcome. Enough to endure disrespect. If you are tired of one-sided relationship, what better day to stop them. It can be not only love, but friendship, partnership. Don’t be afraid to say “no”. Today you don’t need anyone or anything.

Harmony should be respected, why not go the way of strictly destructive. If you have lost a love or found her, then you need to restore the balance. Don’t let too many promises to people and not delay the fulfillment of the promises already made.

Mood and health 9 Jan

With the mood everything will be all right, if you’re modest. In this case, no one will judge you, and you won’t run into constant conflicts with random people or with friends. Calm will bring training, measured work, favorite activity, watching an interesting movie. In the evening it is better to deal with this issue.

Do not put in front of him today, too ambitious goals and objectives. This is completely unnecessary, because, abandoning all efforts on one thing, you will certainly lose a friend. It is an immutable law of 22 lunar day. Try to escape from the consequences of your war with ourselves and war with other people. You should not touch anything that could upset you.

To stop the flow of failures is possible on this day. Today is a transit point between the two conditions and two time intervals. This day will be the point of refraction, a new starting point. This is an important day.