David berry has received a key role in the third season of “Outlander

David berry has received a key role in the third season of “Outlander

Channel Starz has found the actor for the key role of Lord John grey in the third season of “Outlander”, which will premiere in 2017. According to the publication Entertainment Weekly, it was Australian actor David berry

Berry will play former British soldier who after the scandal that cost him his career, gets the post of warden and gets the dubious friendship with the prisoner Jamie Fraser (Sam Yuen). The official description of Lord grey as follows: “grey steadfast and noble, a British citizen, being torn between family duty and moral code. He childishly beautiful, and received the education of a gentleman. But the scandal in the past turned to John an undesirable position of managing a remote prison in the North of Scotland.

Sony Pictures TV recently renewed “the Stranger” from two seasons – the third and fourth. The third season of the series will be based on the novel “the Traveler”, the third in a series of “Outlander” Diana Gabaldon, which was published in 1993. Events in the upcoming season will start right after Claire (Caitriona, Belfi) will return to his life in 1948.

Berry is known for his compatriots on the dramatic series “the Place that is called home”. He also participates in international tours as a singer in the band Scream and Shout.


Source and photo: kinonews.ru