David Beckham showed a scar all over her face

David Beckham is not only a talented and successful player, but also a male model, which any advertised thing manages to make a breakout and in-demand. We are accustomed to the fact that on the posters, and in life, David Beckham looks perfectly. Because the one athlete was published on the eve of his social networking site shocked its subscribers. On his page on Instagram David published a picture in which he is depicted with a huge scar all over her face. Even more terrible is the injury looks against the teeth, which were covered with a stone coating. Look, let’s be honest, is more than depressing.

But to survive on handsome Beckham is not worth it. Because this way the player tried for the movie “knights of the Round table: King Arthur” his friend, Director guy Ritchie, where the player takes one of the roles.

The film is about young Arthur, who grows up on the street after his father dies from the hands of a tyrant Vortigern. Makes Vortigern is attempting to seize the throne. And he did it. Arthur himself doesn’t know about his appointment until his hands misses the sword Excalibur. Since then, he joins the resistance movement, where it unites people together to seek the truth and to overthrow the tyrant Vortigern.

The main role in the picture got Charlie Hannema and Jude law. Someone plays David Beckham, is not specified.

Source: starslife.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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