David Beckham helped an elderly woman in distress

David Beckham once again has done something that can not force us to love him more. The footballer proved himself as a true gentleman…but no! He expressed as ordinary reasonable person who came to help the woman in distress.

David was driving his car around London, when suddenly he caught my eye not a pretty picture – at the crosswalk fell down and couldn’t get up for an elderly woman. What was the cause of her fall, is not specified. Beckham quickly parked and hurried to the unfortunate to help. The situation was serious, because the woman needed even medical help. David called the ambulance and waited until the carriage is coming. The footballer helped load the old lady in the car, and then with a sense of accomplishment went on about his business.

Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: graziamagazine.ru

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