David Beckham has agreed to kiss on the lips with his daughter

Father of four David Beckham loves all of his heirs, and often demonstrates this. And while part of the audience was genuinely happy that the player would not make this taboo and openly demonstrates photos with the kids, the other part resents the latest imagery released by Beckham on his page on the social network. Them David kisses his darling daughter Harper on the lips. Some prudish puritans-the British saw this as almost a perversion and began to accuse David in mortal sins. Had the athlete to make excuses for this photo to Facebook time Live Interview.

“I was criticized for the photo, which I kiss Harper. I have all their children complete. Well, all except the Brooklyn. He’s a grown eighteen year old guy and this may seem a little strange. But I know I’m very fond of all my children. I was so brought up, and Victoria also. So we educate our children. We want the children saw and felt our love, care and support,” said David.

Earlier for kissing on the mouth with her daughter battered and Victoria, but Mrs. Beckham is perhaps of little concern. Recall that in addition to Harper seven and Brooklyn. the famous couple podrastut also the sons of Romeo and Cruz.

Source: http://metro.co.uk
Photo: http://metro.co.uk

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