David and Victoria Beckham finally decided to divorce

Celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham finally decided to divorce. Such information, citing information from an insider, published by the British media.


On the basis of their message, the couple of Beckham after eighteen years of marriage decided to leave. According to publications, the spouses for this individual already hired a PR-Manager.

Many parting Beckham has long been expected. David not hiding from journalists when vacationing in the company of mistresses in Miami and Los Angeles. His wife spends a lot of time in his estate.

So far, the Beckhams continue to pretend that everything is all right, but among their fans about a year is common information that stars are living apart. According to the insider, distributed to the British press, from the marriage of Beckham’s long gone romance, and now their relationship can be described as a joint business.

Spouses differ in different directions in life. David prefers the big, noisy parties, including abroad. Victoria, by contrast, prefers a modest company and rarely leaves the UK.

All legal issues associated with their divorce, supposedly they already decided, and now it was only “right” to voice, which hired a special Manager.