David Anashvili managed to achieve their goal

As a child I was not a very strong boy, and at school I am often touched by the local bullies and high school students. But my father taught me never to be afraid and not to give up, follow through and stand your ground no matter what, while my idol was Jean Claude van Dam, where all the bad guys were beaten by a brave hero in the role of van dam! In the end I only received in any attempt to fight for their dignity or any question…
One day the school came to coach freestyle wrestling Filimonov, Gennady Alexandrovich, a strong man, he has recruited young men on the wrestling section, I was only 9 years old! After 6 years I became the champion of the Republic and received a discharge CCM freestyle wrestling, which gave me confidence and I learned to stand up for yourself! This is my career, who taught me that everything is in your hands no matter what, if you do something you really want and going for this to do something and try, it will be as you planned! Most importantly believe in yourself!