Daughter Valery Meladze Inga married

The eldest daughter of popular singer Valery Meladze and his ex-wife Irina Inga married 25-year-old Moroccan journalist of al Jazeera , Nouri Verghese. The wedding was modest and was held on January 14 in Cambridge UK. Pair pclause each other eternal love eve’s faithfulness in the circle of friends.

“Big day, the modest celebration. Can’t wait to mention it again where a large number of guests in October,” — said Inga on his page in the social network.
Present at the marriage ceremony the bride’s parents remains unknown, but the fact that the younger sister Inga Sofiko missed the occasion, became aware of her moving post on Instagram.
“January 14, 2017 2,800 kilometers from me, my grown chicken Jasmine @ingameladze married his beautiful Aladdin @nouri_verghese after 10 years of relationship! You’re too fast out of our nest. You’re not just nutella on my pancakes, you’re crisp on my crème brûlée!!! Unfortunately, the toast at your wedding I couldn’t tell, so I say now! Love you with all my heart, be happy” — posted by Sofiko.
Recall that the engagement of the pair were very romantic. Vergis asked the sweetheart of marriage in the Eastern Palace of Marrakech, and it was a surprise for girls, despite the fact that they were Dating for a long time.
We wish them happiness and all the best!

Source: http://www.spletnik.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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