Daughter Valerie Anne “pissed off” Prigogine

Danae Prigogine back in the news. Blood daughter of producer Joseph Prigogine said about how developed (or not developed) her relationship with the new father’s family.

After Joseph left his family and went to a popular singer Valeria. With former wife Elena and children from a previous marriage Prigogine practically does not communicate. About the Dan we all learned after the grandiose scandal connected with her short stay in the reality project “Dom-2” and following a public showdown with his father, ending it with the words “Your dad died. Do whatever you want.”

“Father just showed that is not able to admit their mistakes, and this is his weakness. Strong personality never afraid to say what was wrong,” said Danae. The relationship with the father of the girl was never perfect, and does not become better even when he married Valerie. Joseph constantly yelled at her and criticized. New wife made futile attempts to resolve the conflict, and then, according to Danae, was not sincere in this.
“I saw her indifferent eye, I think, by and large, Valerie still. But I want to believe that I’m wrong and she’s actually worried about us. Although our relationship cannot be called a family. Now Valeria says that Dana did not seek to communicate. And why should I do that, if you never felt their interest, except a desire to communicate should not be mutual?” — told Danae.
Anna, the daughter of Valeria, the relationship she also has not worked. The confessions of a girl, the child of Valeria “pissed off” and her father, as he stated in a conversation with his ex-wife.
“Leroy, all is well, but Anya – that pisses me off!” he said. While Danae began to notice that Joseph is constantly adding fuel to the fire, comparing them with Anna, and noting how the step-daughter better. Trust relationships among girls did not work, and after Anna told Joseph about the poor level of Danae, the latter realized that to trust her is not worth it. But with the Theme, son of Valerie, she is fun to interact a bit more on the Internet.
Danae feels the father to be ashamed of it, and therefore behaves.
“But is it my fault that was born this way?” — she asks rhetorically.

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