Daughter Pugacheva and Galkin actively exploring the fauna in his yard

Three-year-old Maxim Galkin does swimming, singing, studying French language and the world of animals.

The daughter of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva Lisa is a very advanced and intelligent girl. The same can be said about their son Harry. Galkin does not hide the fact that it has the talented children and often encouraged followers Instagram new videos and interesting stories from their lives .

Lisa — young naturalist

This time Maxim Galkin put a video in which Lisa demonstrates your knowledge of the animal world, and signed: “Lisa — young naturalist #nasikabatrachidae” (RUF. and item. of the author saved. – Approx. ed.).

Lisa found the insect and showed it to mom Hello. Then told dad about the other insects and a snail, which is found in the yard. Also, the girl promised that will bring to Maxim all the animals that you will find. Galkin is a little shocked and he loudly asked: “All?”. Daughter his words confirmed.

Subscribers loved the cute video: “I Love this beauty”, “What a beautiful girl”, “So pretty”, “She’s three? seriously? I thought 6! Here it is kids!”, “Unreal girl just no words to Express their delight at how well she was born” (RUF. and item. of the authors saved. – Approx. ed.).

Special education

Mila Stavitskaya, Harry’s godmother, said that the star family special raising children. Parents talking to kids like adults and not Lisp with them.

“Lisa is a great swimmer. And he and Harry are learning foreign languages. And Garik loves everything related to technology. He loves tinkering. Hohotushki, funny guy. Liza — pronounced leader. I think Lisa is more lively. She is now very independent. Guardian brother,” says Mila.


Journalist, Pointmedia Les Miller recalls that recently Maxim Galkin in the ironic video Malakhov advised to find a job.