Daughter of Nikolaev was released on bond from the eye of the hurricane “Irma”

The musician has shared a video from Miami

The eldest daughter of pop artist Igor Nikolaev Julia last years living in the USA. Yesterday, the city of Miami were affected by hurricane “Irma”, which in many buildings off the electricity and water supply, elevators do not work.

The actor shared a video, which sent him a daughter. “People from Miami went, gone or hiding (and rightly so!), just my fearless daughter Julia on the balcony and removes this video… Says the eye of the hurricane will pass just to the West… But still scary”, signed movie Nikolaev.

A little later in her microblog has a new video, where she managed to capture the Eastern edge of the hurricane “Irma”. On these shots the visibility decreased considerably, and the wind gusts almost rip the camera out of the hands of Julia.

Recall that svidetelem the violence of the elements was and is the husband of Natasha Koroleva Sergei Glushko, published in Instagram a series of rollers with the hurricane.