Daughter of Michael Jackson had reunited with a cancer patient mother

The daughter of the king of the pop scene of Michael Jackson Paris Jackson reconnected with my mom.

Now Debbie Rowe consults with doctors and looking for the best way of treatment of their illness (a woman diagnosed with breast cancer) and that she now needs support of the family as never before.

On September Debbie scheduled start of a course of chemotherapy, because 18-year-old Paris strongly supports mother: they spend time together, visit each other’s homes and many pictures.

Note that Paris and Debbie did not communicate for several years.

Resumed contact mom and daughter three years ago, after a failed suicide attempt. Then the girl was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. According to the official version — from-for refusal of relatives to allow her to the concert of Marilyn Manson, but in fact Jackson piled a lot of problems with the death of his father.

At the moment, close to Paris’s informants reported that the girl forgave her mother all the resentment and tries to do everything to her recovery came as early as possible and as cheerfully as possible.

Recall the story of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe began quite unusual when you consider that Jackson at the time of meeting was supertuesday, famous all over the world.

They met at the dermatologist Michael, where Rowe worked as a research assistant.

At that time Michael was very upset by his divorce from Lisa Marie Presley:

I asked Mila what saddens him the most and he replied: “the Fact that I have no children.” I offered to give him a baby so he could experience the joy of fatherhood”.

Michael took a few days to think about the idea of Debbie and in the end he accepted it. Rowe gave birth to the singer two children, and three years later the couple divorced. Rowe renounced her parental rights: “I am not insisted to be a mother. I loved Michael and love him still, I wish he was the father. I wanted to be with his children, he experienced what he was deprived of in childhood.

Source: spletnik.ru, ivona.bigmir.net
Photo: wmj.ru

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