Daughter of Ephraim to pursue after recognition

Could assume the daughter of the Russian actor of theatre and cinema Michael Efremov Anna Maria, that her head will fall on the rocks after she said about his sexual orientation.

We will remind that last week the girl describe yourself: “I’m a lesbian, feminist, atheist, roleplayers, hell slasher, introvert, day sitting in his den, multifandoms, a little animusic. Difficulties in communication: a split personality, hallucinations, high intelligence, unstable self-esteem”.
And although many were receptive to the transition to the age of Anna-Maria and concomitant mental processes of a teenager, but there were those who began to mock her, literally throwing stones at her, some even called smack her around and “knock the crap out of the head”.
Recall now that Anna-Maria lives with the nanny in the apartment, which she acquired the famous father. She almost did not see his father or his mother Xenia Kachalina. It is possible that such statements it just shows a deficit of parental attention.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://stuki-druki.com

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