Daughter of Alexander Malinin became a singer

Ustinja Malinin – daughter and the pride of the famous Russian singer Alexander Malinin – start his musical career. Like her father and older half-brother Nikita, the girl decided to devote his life to music. Ustinja not only sings, she also writes the lyrics and music.

Alexander is overjoyed at talented daughter and is proud of her achievements.
“The long-awaited moment of our life, Ustinja Malinin released his first solo album. All songs written by herself, and poems and music. I am very proud of my daughter! To become a professional, you need a lot more to learn. Wish her great success in this not easy and challenging profession!” — says the singer.
Recall that in the last marriage with his wife Emma Alexander also has a son frola, who is making great strides as an artist. Have Malinin’s daughter, Kira, born in the marriage with Olga Zarubina. Alexander did not recognize her 25 years, until they went on one of the Russian talk show. This meeting apparently touched something in the soul of the artist, because he became interested in his daughter’s life. Close relations, however, they did not – Alexander had too many claims to are already an adult daughter, and her way of life. The girl who grew up without a father did not listen to him and now they do not communicate.

Source: https://news.rambler.ru
Photo: http://www.womanhit.ru

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