Daughter Chris Cornell sang a song in memory of his father and the Bennington – 24???

In new York held a festival Good Morning America, which was supposed to be Linkin Park. But due to the fact that two weeks before the event, the soloist Linkin Park Chester Bennington committed suicide, the band has canceled all concerts. Is Linkin Ragna on the festival stage there was a 12-year-old daughter of Chris Cornell, who along with the band OneRepublic sang the song Leonard Cohen Hallelujah, dedicating her father and Bennington.

Tony Cornell’s father | spletnik.ru “I dedicate this speech to the Pope and Chester. I’m honored to sing for them,” said the headliners Tony Cornell.

Recall that Chris Cornell had committed suicide after a concert in Detroit in the spring of 2017. He was a friend of Chester Bennington. 20 July 2017, the day when Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell would have turned 53 years old, Bennigton took his own life in the same way as his friend.

Tony Cornell – a song in memory of his father and Bennington (video):