Daughter Agutin refused to leave the Miami hurricane “Irma”

Leonid Agutin shared his feelings with us: 18-year-old daughter of the singer refused to leave Miami during the hurricane that hit “Irma”. The girl did not want to leave him.

18-year-old Elizabeth refused to leave Miami, in spite of the looming element. Last week in America continues to rage hurricanes, carrying great destruction and loss of life. A month ago some of the States hit by hurricane “Harvey”, and a few days ago struck a more powerful hurricane “Irma”.

Eyewitnesses of the disaster began and the stars of Russian show business. The husband of Natasha Koroleva Sergei Glushko, is located in Miami and periodically shares the video, which shows how strong the gusts of wind demolished all that bad lies, and bend the trees to the ground.

At this time Igor Nikolaev worried about his eldest daughter, Julia, who also was in the midst of a hurricane.

Yesterday Leonid Agutin told reporters that may also be seriously affected by hurricane “Irma”. He explained that a few years ago, acquired three apartments in a luxury high-rise in the “Russian” area of Miami – Sunny Isles. The actor said that they have a special tank where you can take refuge in cases like this, but he, along with his wife chose to leave the city three days before the hurricane hit.

“But to save her daughter from the impact of a natural disaster, I could not”, – ruefully admitted, Leonid. He said that he has failed to persuade 18-year-old Elizabeth Varum to leave the eye of the storm. The singer even found the tickets for my daughter, but she never agreed. Lisa explained she didn’t want to go anywhere without his beloved, and he, in turn, can not leave parents unattended.

Agutin believes that young people just goofing around because it’s kind of extreme. They are also attracted by the fact that they have the opportunity to shoot a unique video and publish them in social networks, said the artist.Recall that the daughter of Leonid already 14 years living in Miami. She is also involved in music: he created his own rock band Without Gravity, which performs at concerts in schools. Lisa writes music and plays the guitar.