Dasha Pynzar talks about stereotypes

Let’s talk about stereotypes. I noticed that very often the photo, where the woman emphasizes its physical nature, causing many negative and even more negative if this woman has children… Why? Let’s talk.
According to many (I do not blame him, and trying to understand, but definitely not to share) if a woman wore a dress that may be deemed feminine and to emphasize Its form or open legs -she has become Madame who had no moral values. Although in all other respects it can be very decent, but Her outfit makes it somehow dishonorable. So if, say, we will turn back and loose woman will put a decent indoor suit with buttoned buttons, it becomes Alpine innocence? Why I think so many people? Why you are contraindicated to be beautiful, feminine and a good wife and mother? I believe that all moms and wives should look beautiful and se*Salina, then don’t have one lady with a low social responsibility will not and chance to please our men, because they simply have nothing to take. Card bit, checkmate. Write your opinion in the comments.