Dasha Andreeva told about his life before project

I’m Dasha – a girl from normal class of people. As the Pope says to herself in mind… Now all interested in what brought me to the project, and what I was doing before. Half a year ago I graduated from high school, then enrolled at the University. After school I went to work at the cable factory along with my mother, because you need to pay for their University studies, and under her mother’s wing safer. The plant, of course, have fun, there are insecure women who have something wrong in the family. In the team you are always under discussion, so I was a jerk absolution, because I’m young. So I have been told that I am the granddaughter of a drug addict and alcoholic. Arriving at the plant, I abandoned myself, my personal life and beginning to deteriorate, simply ceased to develop. My lifestyle was so – I got up, went to work, went to bed. Because from childhood I loved the camera, loved dancing and various events. Graduated from a fashion school, but never happened to me advance in this field. Attending different clubs, played the domra and singing, dancing, drawing, went to fight. But it’s not for me because I don’t like it when I teach, I develop myself and only when I want! Organized to go somewhere that’s not mine. Why dance when it’s cleaned, or are going somewhere, at home I paint on walls, sing in the shower, though my mom says in my ear came the bear. The project has everything to grow, to build relationships and to blossom as a girl and not be homogenisierung person and be opritchina wires and cables.