Dasha Andreeva answered frequently asked questions

Hi all! I recently started a relationship with an interesting guy with an unusual name, and I’ve noticed that many are interested in what kind of relationship we have with Norman. Ask a lot of questions, such as what you like it? why everything happened so quickly? how was the attitude of the parents?
Answer right and I will not hide anything. Norman is a very interesting guy, with beautiful appearance, sociable, charismatic, all this is obvious. But the most important is the way he presents himself, how he adjusts himself and me. When he came to the project, I fell in love with his flow, his accent, his confidence, it keeps me depressed, it just makes you believe in the best.
Regarding our relations on the project, why it all happened so fast. Since childhood I have brought up such a position of “take it”, do as you think as I want. Listen to your heart not worth the wait. It’s like a trip to the store, if you like the thing you just buy without thinking, but if you’re going to waste time on trifles, take her to someone else, and then you will be only dream and regret why I just did.

My parents are actually very happy that I had such a person. But like other parents, they are worried about your child and want only the best. Norman and mom talked and my mom said that against the relationship, but only because he didn’t want to talk about us and drag our relationship to them. She believes that we are adults and should decide for themselves and to go into the relationship it will be.