Darina Markin gave a few tips on how to cheer up in the morning

Good morning, my favorite how to start your morning? Decided to share with you several types of ways that you can help a good to Wake up in the morning:
1. When you just woke up in bed, when I close my eyes and think that you have better slumber. So you better not be. It is better to start slowly perform stretching before getting out of bed. Stretch, warm up muscles leisurely and slow movements. Near the bed put a glass of regular water, and drink it immediately after waking up. Stretch, give your body some movement, and get up for morning exercises. Get used to charging, and then all lethargy will go away instantly!

2. Instead of coffee, water with lemon juice. Invigorates very cool.
3. Turn on the bright lights and loud music, it charges the perfect mood for the whole day.
4. Massage of biologically active points, which regulates the proper flow of energy in the body, improves blood circulation and outflow of fluid, relieves muscle spasms and stimulates awakening (ear, nose, temporal area, hands, head, feet).

5 . And of course, a cold shower, any time of the day will lead as to the tone!