Daria Pynzar told about the effects after breast surgery

However, Dasha, unlike their colleagues on the show, not trying to hide the fact that its stunning appearance must not only parents, but also plastic surgeons. Recently the blonde had a boob job, however, to talk about what she had to endure after the procedure, she decided just now, the site says life-dom2.su.

As it turned out, the quiet life Dasha ended on the fourth day after surgery when she stopped taking painkillers. The assurances of the girls, she almost immediately experienced extreme pain, and could not only eat, drink or sit independently, but with difficulty restrained so as not to moan and to cry. Did not hide Pynzar and the fact that you have somebody to make plastic now, she would hardly have dared.

“I understand, if the person to be operated on for health reasons, but if it is done for the sake of some whim – it’s masochism” – wrote one of the fans of “House 2”.