Daria Pynzar changed in appearance for the worse. Photo

Moreover, Daria looked young and well maintained, and could give odds to many girls who were much younger than her. However, due to the recent video appeared online, fans ‘ opinion about the attractiveness of the former star of “House 2” has changed dramatically, the website life-dom2.su.

It turned out that over the past few months Pynzar was badly smashed, and her perfect figure is the result of skillful use of photoshop. Scared members and how much her looks young mom. So, pumped Botox face Dasha looks completely tainted and also does not Express no emotion whatsoever.

“Actually, I don’t love her, but apparently she’s pretty, and here, too, just a minimum of makeup, Yesterday saw the live stream, looks great. This is what I want to wish all envy and gall the enemies Dasha” – shared his opinion the fans of “House 2”.