Daria Posevkina commented on the situation with Lohan and Tarasovym

Fashion designer Daria Posevkina, which received worldwide fame thanks to the unflattering statements of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, has told how her life with the stigma of the “Russian prostitutes” which gave her ex-fiancée Yegor Tarabarova.

For those who missed this circus, remember: controversial Hollywood celebrity said on his page on Instagram that her fiance Yegor Tarabanov so whatever happened with “Russian prostitute” Dasha Pashevkin that he is not coming home. In the end, Lohan and her fiancé broke off the engagement, but the designer Pashevkin have hard times. Immediately after the statement Lindsay had to be removed from social networking. Now she is living with friends because he is afraid to go home. Her daily letters with death threats from angry fans of Lohan, and how much longer nobody knows.
Today Daria returned to Instagram, and the first thing I did was commented on the situation from their point of view.

“I don’t think I have to explain all these rumors and lies, but after the words thrown at me, hurt my family and those I love, I decided to write this post. First, Lindsay and I after the first meeting became good friends. Second, I introduced her with his friend Egor Tarasovym, I sincerely wish them to be happy again together. Finally, I wish the media stopped attacking me with questions and requests to comment on the incident, the photos and rumors inflated from nothing. I’m going to push press charges, because this lie creates the wrong idea about me, and the fact that they have become known for my personal contact details and address — it is illegal. There are many more important things that happen in this world that demand our attention,” wrote the designer.

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