Daria Lymar was enraged when he heard criticism in his address

The situation turned so that the girls reputation was ruined. For example, Vitaly Malyshev said that because of her strange indecision, he was sure that the girl is “weak”, being assured that Dasha does not care with whom and when to try to build a relationship, says the site life-dom2.su.

Is it any wonder that the very limar infuriating this kind of talk frustrated boyfriend. In the announcement of the future broadcast Malyshev even had to flee from the girl who threw it all available under the hand items. The truth of his opinions, the young man never changed.

“Who’s talking about the “front end”, not a minute off your REAR Vitale, Dasha and anyone not yet given that would be about her “weakness” to say” the audience wrote “House 2”.