Daria Lymar staged a brawl after Joseph about asking for “magic” on her part

However, despite the categorical position of Daria, Joseph himself continues to claim the opposite. If you believe the words of a young man, the girl herself came to him in the shower and offered to do “magic”, but only that a condition was that everything had to happen in the absence of cameras. It is likely that these words make Lymar aggression. In turn, Oganesyan invited the girls to swear on mother that this was not, according to the site life-dom2.su.

Participant without hesitation rushed into the fray, but did not expect that the question will not give her descent. It got to the point that a couple had to pull apart in different directions, only they hadn’t killed each other right in front of the team.

“Fuck those girls now unscrupulous they went there. Guys are the same, just horror”, “every day such antics of Lomovtsev surprised less and less,” – said the youth fans of the TV project “House 2”.