Daria Lymar spoke about their addiction

Only turning off all notifications on the phone, we find freedom. I used to think I will never cope with its dependence on social networks. Waking up in the morning, my first thought was not “what’s for Breakfast?”, and “where’s my phone?” Every night, fell asleep, almost holding it in your hand. I even with the young man were fighting over this issue with social networks. But, it turns out to get rid of this habit it was easier to just take my phone and give it an hour in the day.
It was here, on the island, I don’t remember about the phone at all. There are even days when I is reserved for the night time to the Internet choosing a dream. I feel good and free, I don’t care about reviews in groups, I do not check every hour my stats, not distracted by the trash outside. And wow feel. Even surprising to me. And want to tell everyone who I very rarely write or call, I just don’t have the ability to do this more often. PS And who of my subscribers are suffering the same dependence on the phone?