Daria Lymar admits that her figure is far from ideal

I want to appeal to girls who see themselves as fat! I’m not perfect! Imagine I have cellulite, there are problem areas, not such a big *oops, got a little belly and poles that I think are great like all of my life. But I sooo love yourself and your body. And in order to conform to contemporary ideals of beauty, I’d have to lose about x*eve cloud pounds. It’s just awful! And most importantly, what does that say to girls? Thin models and Actresses are forced to believe that success depends on your weight, but it’s such a*botín!
I have always promoted the ideal of the female figure with the forms, “without bones”. No, you do not think, I admire the slender athletic girls, and not in any way do not consider a normal size XXL, will not support a huge fat masculine girls, with sausage instead of the stomach. But not everyone can be skinny and not everyone girls fucked*to sew from morning to night in the halls.

I love the female figure with a nice tummy, with beautiful shapes, with hips and thighs that I want to polcat. From these women just pret EC*som! And bony women, to raise that need fucked*sew on two jobs only pay attention to latent homosexuals. I agree with the phrase of Marilyn Monroe, a woman without a belly is like an apartment without furniture. It’s so natural and cute. Always remember that social networks are not real life, don’t let other “perfect” photos to influence your self-esteem. You have to be yourself and not try to be like someone else. Your body is your temple, love and respect him. What you love: bones or meat?