Danila Kozlovsky has explained the refusal to play Nicholas II “Matilda” – 24???

32-year-old Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky explained why he refused to play the role of Emperor Nicholas II in the film “Matilda”. A role will be performed by German actor Lars Eidinger.

Initially the role of Nicholas II considered the actor Danila Kozlovsky. When he tried himself in this role, I realized that I can’t “reliably” and “convincing” to embody on the screen the image of the Russian Emperor. About Kozlowski said during a live broadcast in Vkontakte.

The actor did not refuse from participation in the drama by Alexei Uchitel, decided to play the role polivinilovogo character – count Vorontsov. In the film, the officer is in love with the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.

Kozlowski also commented on the scandal surrounding the film’s release: he called first to see the film, then “to make any conclusions. The actor criticized the actions of the offenders responsible for the arson of the Studio by Alexey Uchitel.

Danila Kozlovsky | kvedomosti.com

Recall that the release of the drama “Matilda” has caused a stormy public reaction. State Duma Deputy Natalya Poklonskaya said earlier that in the film there are scenes that offend the feelings of believers and called to prevent the release of the film in Russian cinemas.