Dancing Nadezhda Meyher won the Internet

In his “Instagram” the most striking soloist of “VIA gra” Hope Meyher-Granovskaya has published fascinating pictures, which she passionately dances with a handsome man.

As it turned out, not the fact that the black-and-white photographs takes a passionate dance with her choreographer Pavel Evljuskin.

Followers of the singer have come to the real delight of the stunning figures of the artist and her sexuality and sensuality. Under the photo instantly there were comments in the spirit that Nadia is a drop-dead gorgeous, our Monica Bellucci, elegant, divine and inimitable.

Also on his page, the star has published spectacular pictures from her latest photo shoot, accompanied by his philosophical signature, which States that one must live the way you feel and do what I want and love. And then disappear by themselves the envy of the affection will disappear claims to others, dependence on people and emotions!