Dance Channing Tatum with a girl has garnered 15 million views – 24???

Dance 37-year-old American actor Channing Tatum with black saleswoman has garnered over 15 million views. The corresponding video the actor posted on Facebook.

When travelling in USA, Tatum and her friends went to the store in the provincial town of Statesville, North Carolina. Channing met a girl named Beatrice who didn’t know that he’s a Hollywood actor. Tatum had the Manager of the store, and then began to dance to the song of the musician Nas — If I Ruled The World.

A video of incendiary dance, the actor shared on Facebook. “There’s nothing like a little dance party,” signed the video, Tatum.

Channing Tatum | Live Story

Recall that Channing Tatum is a Hollywood actor and model. His filmography includes such films as “magic Mike,” “Step forward”, “Jupiter ascending”, “Macho and nerdy”, “Disgusting eight”, “the Hunter on Fox”.