Danae Prigogine become Volkova

Dear daughter of Joseph Prigogine 19-year-old Danae decided to aggravate the conflict with a famous father, producer Joseph Prigogine. She decided not only to take the name of grandmother, but demanded payment rich dad alimony. For this Danae was even willing to go to court.

After attending daughter Prigogine in the reality show “Dom-2” their strained relations with his father become even more complicated. Joseph publicly spoke on this subject, saying that “every family has its black sheep” and advised his daughter to change his name and not disgrace his reputation, on which he worked for many years.
Danae did not understand why she could not “dream of glory”. Moreover, his stepdaughter, the daughter of singer Valeria, he gave to the music channel and helps her with the promotion.
“What have I done?” — asks a rhetorical question Danae. The girl has already decided that the change of surname to Volkova (the name of her grandmother).
As a hearing impaired daughter of Joseph requires payment of the financial assistance from the father.
“If he does not take the initiative, I’ll deal with him in court,” said Danae. Joseph himself was ready to reconcile, but, according to him, the daughter doesn’t want to make contact with him.
“Dana is a child with a fragile psyche who first makes, and then apologizes” — told reporters Joseph. Involved in producing her own daughter Prigogine is not going to, because I saw potential. Anna, the daughter of Valerie, graduated from the Shchukin school and is a professional actress, Arseniy, son, Valerie, stepfather producing, because he considers a very talented musician.
“Danae because just learning. We have a lot of people who want to be stars, but talent is there,” — said the producer.
Joseph understands that a divorce with his mother Danae had an impact on her psyche and attitude, but he repeatedly asked her to move in with him or hang out, but she allegedly refused.
“I don’t understand what’s she to complain? Housing in Moscow she has money I always helped her. Hopefully soon it will cool down and we can calmly talk it all over” — said Prigogine.
By the way, recently my two cents into the conflict of father and daughter and put the singer Valeria. The stepmother never climbed in the life of Danae. but suddenly appealed to her on his page in Instagram.
“Dad always wanted you studied, and did everything for this… Danka, please don’t keep doing stupid things, they are also going to regret that, as already committed” wrote Valeria.

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