Dana Borisova will show the groom in the wedding day

Not to keep fans waiting, well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova decided to tell a little about your man. Without mentioning his name, the famous blonde promised that he would declassify the love of your life in the day of the wedding, which is scheduled for September 6.

Married love would before, but in that mysterious place where the couple wanted to unite their destinies, very big place, and the only window fell on Tuesday 6 September.
“Despite the fact that it’s a Tuesday and not a day off, as is customary, I’m sure everything will be fine” — said Dana.
The owls Borisova, her fiancé is a rich man who will do a wedding on the highest level. Soon Dana will go to choose a wedding dress.
The chosen presenter for 31 years, but 9-year age difference does not bother neither Dana nor her fiance. The only one that asks her man not to turn their marriage on the show, and Borisov resigned from the pages of celebrity gone pictures with wedding rings, which she published a few days earlier.
“Dear friends! Fellow journalists! In my personal life, nothing has changed, but the wedding ring I removed, thinking that I will never make a show at the expense of personal happiness. Thank you for understanding. Your #ganbarinia “ — posted Borisov on his page in the social network, than has caused approval of its subscribers.
Recall that the daughter Borisova young man have already met. Dana was thrilled that he “wants to give the Mix the best,” and sees this as a good sign.

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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