Dana Borisova used drugs rehabe

Well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova, ongoing treatment in a specialized clinic in Thailand, admitted that once he got in the “12 steps” could not immediately be aware of their addiction and once a week.. took drugs, which was driven (!) in a bra in Thailand.

If Telebanking caught with illicit drugs at the airport, the rehabilitation Borisova could not take place in the many beautiful place, but in completely different conditions. But then, passing border control, Dana didn’t even think what she’s doing and what her face.
“I was so altered consciousness, there was no sense of danger… I took the bra ten grams of this drug in Thailand, although I have heard about the death penalty, prison. And I wasn’t scared,” said Dana was on a talk show “Let them talk”.
A week Borisova “laid the tracks” around the room, and no one knew why the patient refuses to acknowledge dependence. Center staff even called Malakhov, someone with a light hand Given went for treatment at the expense of the channel. Dana didn’t sleep for four days, her room was searched, but was unable to find drugs.
“Then I have not closed the door to the bathroom and it all came out. Held me down, pulled everything from me. And all began my recovery. May 9, I confessed to the addiction. Yes, Victory Day was my victory Day,” said Dana. Thus began her recovery.
Borisova will stay in Thailand more, at least until the New year. In addition to rehabilitation, she plans to launch her own project, similar to the “12 steps” and now just deals with organizational issues.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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