Dana Borisova today, 31.07.2017 news: TV presenter believe in God

Popular TV presenter Dana Borisova, which recently is in a specialized hospital in Thailand for treatment from drug addiction, at the moment feels well and full of energy for new creative achievements.

More recently, Dana is abroad on treatment for drug addiction. It happens in Thailand. Talismanically with great horror recalls the time in which it was before. For this reason she does not want to return.

Dana Borisova decided to prove to his fans that she can not remove, albeit gradually, from addiction to drugs. To do this, she recorded a video message. In it the girl told about the faith in God which helped her greatly in the fight against drugs. However, even after the course of rehabilitation, Given in the moment in need of spiritual support of the Church. She doesn’t understand how you ever did without such support.

Because drug addiction and its effects, Dana couldn’t even sleep, constantly tormented. Started with the fact that she asked God to give her a chance at least to sleep.

The message also said that all changes in life make her very happy and is the most important. At the end of the message, Dana asked, what ex-husband thinks about her words.

Members Dana Borisova immediately noted the change in appearance, resulting from the treatment course. And the last photo of her, they even surprised. The TV presenter was dressed in a beautiful gown, and behind it there was the sea. Observant fans have noticed a lot of wrinkles on the face Dana Borisova. The girls skin was dark, it resembled the unnatural tan.

Today, Dana is allowed to use your cell phone, so now she can share everything that happens in her life. Borisova in your profile tells that at the beginning of treatment she was depressed, she was constantly crying. But just needed to enjoy the opportunity to be at the ocean. Now she even can’t grasp why she did so. Currently, Dana Borisova thank God for every minute of life. Also, she feels overly guilty before my daughter, so apologizes for the anxiety and disorder that was brought to her mother.

How long rehabilitation course, still unknown. One thing is clear for sure, the treatment is to the benefit of Dana Borisova. She changed herself inside and out. Her thinking was renewed, she began to rejoice different moments, began to appreciate their lives. Most importantly, she realized that she bears the blame in front of his child and is fully aware of.