Dana Borisova suffered a heart attack

Ex-fiance of the famous Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova, Alexey Pankov told about the problems his former lover with illicit drugs. According to the man, friendship Telebanking the drug was so strong, that three years ago she almost gave up the Ghost due to heart attack.

Recall that recently on the First channel left the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, dedicated to the drug Given. Colleague Borisova admitted that three years were asked Dana to stop doing drugs, but now the situation is critical, and we must do everything to save her life. Deception friends and colleagues This sent her for treatment in Thailand, meanwhile, almost daily someone from the entourage of women believe the need to talk about it to the media. So, This ex-boyfriend Alex punk gave a Frank interview in which has told about the novel with Borisova in 2014.
They met in the program “let’s get married!”, but despite the whirlwind romance, ended their relationship just as quickly as it had begun. Three sheets quarreled, they began to publicly sling mud at each other. Now he says that he has tried to convey to the public the full truth about Dane, but his words are believed to be the revenge of the offended men.
“I knew then that she takes drugs, but nobody wanted to hear. All I was trying to convey, leading to me black PR” — said Alexey.
Punks told me that one time, a guest in his Berlin ex-fiancee suffered a heart attack due to an overdose of drugs. Then he did not know about the problem Borisova and thought that she just became ill, called an ambulance. The test results were a shock, he couldn’t believe that his lover is a drug addict.
Alex asked Dana to stop, but she claimed that the pill for weight loss.
“I feel sorry for her, although she herself is to blame. I hope that everybody now understands, her words about me – pure narcotic delirium. I really want to believe that she was ashamed, though.. doubt it,” said Alex.

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